Saturday, June 22, 2013

Candice Bergen Plastic Surgery

Actress Candice Bergen is rumored to have had face work done. 

Candice Bergen made her Broadway debut in 1985 replacing Sigourney Weaver in David Rabe's black comedy Hurly-burly (1998). 

In 1980 Candice married Louis Malle, the older French director. They had one child, Chloe. In the late 80s, Candice hit a new career as the spiky title role on "Murphy Brown" (1988). 

Candice Bergen earned a whopping five Emmys and two Golden Globe awards. 

Look At This Before And After Picture Of Candice Bergen

After looking her pictures anyone can easily guess that she has had lot of work done on her face. She may has done Blepharoplasty, her cheeks are full may has used injectable fillers. The horizontal lines are also disappeared so might has used Botox injections.

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